Thoughts of the vice champion - Luiz Razia

Thoughts of the vice champion - Luiz Razia

The Arden man reflects on his season

GP2 Series: Luiz, you've pushed hard for the championship all year: the dream ends here, but are you satisfied with your season?

Luiz Razia: First, it's very important to go back a little bit: at the beginning of the season nobody thought I could fight for the championship, and a lot of people wrote me off at testing because I was with Arden and I hadn't had any good results in the past 3 years. After the tests we went to Malaysia, and I won the first race: that opened a new level of commitment and performance from the team, and I worked really hard throughout the season. I didn't rest for a day: I went every day to the gym, I put all my soul and my energy into racing, and this is how far we've come.

We've had brilliant results this year: we've had 4 victories and 9 podiums, and we can be very satisfied with this result. Nevertheless I'm a bit disappointed because obviously we had an opportunity to win, but DAMS were strong last year and again this season and we were able to fight with them, so I think overall we have to be pleased with the result and look forward to the future, because after a whole season of pushing the limits everywhere at every race we found a new level, a new driver, a new Luiz. And if we keep doing that, keep minimising the mistakes that we made, we can go to another level of commitment next season, all because of the hard work and the effort we made this season.

GP2 Series: You're right, and the results have been phenomenal: is there something in particular that you credit for the turnaround?

Luiz: I think when you pass through some hard moments in your life you get very strong in your mind, and I have passed very bad moments in my life: in terms of racing, that is, I never had any difficulties in terms of my personal life. In terms of racing things have been tough, and that's my life: other people have other problems, but in terms of my life it looks big for me, and any racing problems is a problem in my life. So because of that I've capitalised on all of the experiences that I've had, committed myself to only racing this season - I haven't had any personal life, no alcohol, no parties, sleep early, wake up early, work with the team, no rest - I did everything, I found a new level of commitment, and I believe I can do more again and be an even better driver.

GP2 Series: Davide has just pipped you to the title: I know you are good friends and used to be teammates, so do you have any thoughts on the fight you've had with him?

Luiz: I think Davide did a brilliant job: at the beginning of the season he was very strong, and a lot of people thought that's it, but we turned it around in the middle of the season: we were ahead for 4 races, which was really good because we were the only 2 teams to lead the championship, and he pulled together after a bit of bad luck, which he hadn't done in any other season. So he improved as a driver as well: he had his improvements, I had my improvements, he made a few mistakes, I made a few mistakes, and at the end of the day he got the lead in Monza and it was very difficult for me here. I had the chance to steal it, but it was difficult: we both drove well today but he didn't have any problems, and that's it.

GP2 Series: Where to from here?

Luiz: Tomorrow (Sunday) we have to collect as many points as we can for the team - third for Arden would be very good with only one driver scoring points [laughs] - and 2013 is a good opportunity for me to be in Formula One: I hope that the table moves a little bit on the drivers and can open some spots, so I can have a chance at a good team. If it doesn't I still have to believe that I'm a driver that deserves to be at that level, because GP2 proved that I am a driver who can be in Formula One.

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