Singapore Post Feature Race Quotes

Singapore Post Feature Race Quotes

Chilton, Gutiérrez and Leimer discuss their race


GP2 Series: Max congratulations. A great win today. A great start. You led all the way to the chequered flag. It does not get any better than that I guess...

Max Chilton: No. It was absolutely fantastic! After Luca got a bad start, getting to Turn 1, I knew that if I could get there clearly, I had this feeling that the car was going to be good and the first four laps were lovely. The car was brilliant. I put my head down. The pitstop went well. I came out ahead of Esteban who was quite behind and I could see that Luca (Filippi) was there. Before you know it, I looked behind Esteban and we had a huge gap. It was a long part race, but it finished under safety car and apparently we still had thirty seconds to third and the car was amazing so. For the championship, it could not have been anymore perfect. I don’t have to worry about anything tomorrow apart from trying to get third in the Series. I think Calado did not finish today. It’s going to be hard for him to get nine points tomorrow. I could not be happier.

GP2 Series: There was a pretty epic fight between you and Esteban. Were you confident that you had him under control the whole way?

Max: He never made an attempt and I trust Esteban: he doesn’t do anything to put any of us in danger. I knew he was only going to get past if I made a mistake and he was always there but I was never too worried. It was a good race.

GP2 Series: You were happy with the Prime soft tyres yesterday during qualifying. You started today on the same compounds. That was the right call?

Max: Yes, it was the right call. I know that it will be tough tomorrow to start on Super Soft, but today it was is the race that counts. I’m so thrilled that it came through and I could not have done it at a better time.


GP2 Series: Esteban, congratulations on P2 today, but I am sure you were gunning for more...

Esteban Gutiérrez: Well I think it’s always important to consolidate the results, especially when we had a positive qualifying results. It was a very challenging week here because in free practice we had a wet track. We did not know the track. In the end, you go straight to qualifying. You need to adapt very quickly and it was a challenge for us especially since the set up was quite a gamble. And we had a bit of an issue. We were really happy to get third and in the race we had a good start and we were then able to keep the pace with Max. We were in a really good shape. It’s a good feeling. It’s a very special result for me and the team.

GP2 Series: Max told us that he was not too worried having you behind him because he knew you would not attempt a drastic move to pass him. What do you have to say to that?

Max: Well honestly, the most important thing is that we were very fair to each other. It is something that I always try to respect. I was also trying to preserve my tyres to try and have a good pace in the end. I knew that the fight could take place on the last two or three laps and I was looking forward to that! I was saving my tyres to have a bit of an advantage. It seems that Max started to push a bit and then had some kind of a drop off, but it’s difficult to say really from where I was (laughs)! Of course he was very strong and I was careful of what I was doing. But of course I was never going to do anything stupid. I respect the other drivers. We always want to compete fairly.

GP2 Series: Talking about tomorrow, you will start on Super Soft. That’s quite the gamble for this race especially since you are going to fight for third in the Series against Max...

Esteban: Tomorrow I have to enjoy the last race of the season and honestly I don’t need to think about finishing third. I will do my best and if I can consolidate the result, it will be positive. If not, I need to at least be sure that I did everything that I could. I need to do a strong race. I’m going to try and be clean and keep my third place in the Series and to fight against the DAMS drivers to win the teams’ title for my team. I have two things to do tomorrow. I have homework! (Laughs)


GP2 Series: Fabio, P3 today. Congratulations. You had a lot of work to do today to get there. How was it from your side?

Fabio Leimer: Yes, it was a really hard race today because we had the pitstop quite early and I knew after the first stint that the tyre degradation here is important. When I had my pitstop I knew I had to save the tyres so much in the second stint. IN the end I think it was the right decision because Palmer was not quick enough in the pitstop and then had problems and retired. My team told me that he was much slower and that I had to push for a podium and I did. After that I made sure that I was taking care of my tyres and finish without problem the race. It was the right decision because the tarmac was really hot and it was also hard to keep the concentration.

GP2 Series: How difficult is it to race in these conditions?

Fabio: It’s possible, but only if you train carefully before coming here. It is by far the hardest race of the season I would say because of the humidity, you sweat a lot and you lose a lot of water. Then it’s hard also for the concentration. You have to stay focus corner after corner. It’s not easy!

GP2 Series: You have one more race to go. What can we expect tomorrow?

Fabio:  We’ll see. I will start on the Soft tyres because I used the Super Soft today. So I think I have an advantage. I will still have to be careful and save the tyres because tomorrow it will be also quite hot. We will see. I would like to enjoy the last race of the season and try to get another podium!

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