Monza post Sprint Race quotes

Monza post Sprint Race quotes

Valsecchi, Leimer and Palmer discuss the race

GP2 Series: Davide, congratulations on another fine win, this time at home: it's a great way to get your championship challenge back on track...
Davide Valsecchi: It was wonderful, just wonderful! The start was really important, and we got out really well and got the lead, and I have to say thanks to the team, my engineers and mechanics, because I haven't had any reliability problems this season. This weekend we raced really well, when it was really important: we showed that we deserved to gain the lead in the championship. Maybe we deserve it at the end of Singapore, but this is already a good step, and I'm looking forward to going there and to fight for the top position with all the other good drivers here, and I hope to stay with them.

GP2 Series: You had great pace today, and only had Leimer with you: were you worried about him at all?
Davide: To be honest the pace today was 10 times better than yesterday, and I can't explain why! I was really disappointed yesterday that I was gaining the leadership of the championship, but I didn't race well: our pace in the first few laps was not so competitive, so I dropped to sixth and was not happy! But today we were one of the quickest: maybe only Leimer was a bit quicker at the start of the race when I stopped him a bit, but at the end it seemed that we were better than him. If Leimer took the lead at the beginning then probably he would have won, but in the end I got a good victory, and it was important to show that we are a real contender for the championship. To beat us, they will need to make a really big effort.

GP2 Series: I believe it's 25 points between you and Luiz now: how important is that, going into the final round of the series?
Davide: Ah, I don't know! [laughs]

GP2 Series: You must be thinking about it?
Davide: Yeah, but in a racing weekend I would like to get a victory or podium or pole, so to be honest in Spa I gained 7 or 8 points over Razia, but I was not happy because in the second race I had an incident and was really unlucky, and I would prefer to lose some points but have a good weekend, you know? So it's important, because I'm leading now, and I'm positive, because my car is fast, and I will go to Singapore, a wonderful place that I have never been to before, and it is a street circuit, where usually I'm strong. So right now I am fine, and I hope to be fine also at the end of the weekend there!


GP2 Series: Fabio, congratulations on P2 today. A strong start and a good fight with Valsecchi: are you satisfied with your race today?
Fabio Leimer: Yeah, I think today I can be quite happy because it was important to get a good start, and I did it, and I tried to overtake Valsecchi in the first corner but it wasn't enough, so after the first chicane I was already second. I just wanted to follow him for a bit so we could get away, because Palmer was quite close to me, and in the end it was quite good: I tried to push a little more but I saw that Valsecchi was consistent, and I was trying to save the tyres and attack at the end, because I saw he made a big mistake at the Parabolica with a few laps to go and I thought maybe it's my chance.
But it was just a mistake, and he was still really quick and consistent, so it was not possible to go for the victory: I tried to get the fastest lap at the end, but I made a bit of a mistake at Ascari and that was it, which was a shame. But in the end we have to be happy because we were not so strong in the qualy, but we were quick in the race yesterday as well, I could overtake everybody, I had some crashes with Razia and Nasr in the second chicane so it damaged a little the steering, but in the end I think we can be quite happy about the whole weekend.

GP2 Series: It's a tough one to be very quick but behind someone, because you have to protect the tyres a bit: how were they today?
Fabio: Over the weekend we haven't really had problems with the tyres: maybe today I was saving them a little bit more than yesterday, but in the end we were driving in the race like yesterday, and didn't really have problems with the tyres. Yesterday and today I was doing my quickest laps at the end, so that shows that the tyres were still really good, and that we were really strong.

GP2 Series: You've probably been the most unlucky guy in the paddock this year, and we've got one more round left in Singapore, where no one has raced before: what do you think will happen there?
Fabio: I don't know, because I only know the track from watching the F1 race or from playing the F1 game! Until now I don't know the track, and everybody is the same, so it will be really hard because we've only got half an hour to learn the track and get used to it. It will be a tough one to learn for the drivers, because there are a lot of corners, but we just have to go there, work hard, and we've got nothing to lose because I've already lost so many points over the year! I really need to win, and we will just push so hard for the victory because I've had so many times this year a chance to win, but as you say we've been so unlucky! On one side it's been a positive year, but on the other side it's been so frustrating, but in the end we still have one race, so we will give everything and try to win.


GP2 Series: Jo, a strong podium for P3 today, and a very eventful race: how was it from your seat?
Jolyon Palmer: Yeah, it was definitely eventful! I had a slightly poor start and dropped to fourth, but managed to jump Coletti back and was then holding pace quite well to the front two, and feeling quite strong that I could push forward in the second half. But then, and I'm not really sure why, maybe the tyres were going a little bit, but I just start dropping off by half distance, and it was fairly fraught trying to stay on the podium! I had some good battles with Coletti and then Marcus as well, and I'm very happy to end third because I was under quite a lot of pressure! [laughs]

GP2 Series: It's always an interesting moment when teammates race together, particularly when they're from iSport! [laughs] What were you thinking then?
Jolyon: Yeah, but I was determined to be on the podium this time, I have to say! [laughs] Marcus had a podium yesterday, and obviously I don't want to crash with anyone, especially my teammate, so I defended hard but I don't think it was a problem: I don't think anyone has done anything here unfair, racing wise. We both managed to come out unscathed [laughs] and it was a good, hard, race.

GP2 Series: Two podiums for the team: it's still pointing in the right direction...
Jolyon: Yeah, we've been really strong in the second half of the season. I was really unlucky not to get any points in Spa, because we were very quick there as well, so to come out of here with two podiums, and moving up on the team's championship, is very nice, and hopefully we can keep this form into Singapore.

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