Hard and Soft Pirelli tyres in Monza

Hard and Soft Pirelli tyres in Monza

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The GP2 Series will face its biggest challenge of the year in Monza later this week as the drivers prepare for the fastest race of the season. Based close to the home of Pirelli in Milan, The Autodromo Nazionale di Monza is 5.793-kilometres in length and is one of the oldest circuits on the championship calendar. The circuit is characterised by a series of long straights and tight chicanes, which provide a tough test for the tyres as well as the cars and drivers.

The GP2 drivers will have the P Zero Silver hard and P Zero Yellow soft tyres available to them. There are three corners that are expected to pose the biggest challenges: the first chicane, characterised by heavy downhill braking, the Ascari curves – with their several rapid direction changes – and the famous Parabolica, a wide, open radius corner that puts a lot of lateral stress through the tyres.

Under the latest GP2 rules introduced in July that allows the drivers an extra set of the softer tyres at each race, each car will be supplied with three sets of Pirelli P Zero hard tyres and two sets of P Zero Yellow soft tyres. The GP2 drivers are likely to use the softer compound during qualifying, before moving onto the harder compound during the race.

Pirelli’s racing manager Mario Isola said:  “For GP2, the combination of hard and soft tyres will open up the possibility for a number of different race strategies with what should be a notable speed differential between the two compounds, Because of this, we would expect the GP2 drivers to use the soft compound in qualifying.”

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