Silverstone Top three driver quotes, Sprint race

Silverstone Top three driver quotes, Sprint race

Razia, Valsecchi and Nasr discuss the race

GP2 Series: Luiz, this is becoming a recurring habit: a fourth win for the season, and you've picked up the lead in the championship, for a fairly decent weekend by anyone's standards...

Luiz Razia: Yeah! Yesterday was a bit tricky, it was a race where I had to finish, but today with dry conditions I knew I had a good car, because we have done loads of simulations, and I just used the grip in the opening laps to overtake the guys, and after that I was just controlling my pace. Nasr tried to attack me a few times, and I was like 'come on, I need to save my tyres!' [laughs] But in the end it was fine, everything worked out, and I'm very pleased with the victory: it's just such a blessing that I cannot believe it!

GP2 Series: Valsecchi has shown during the season that he is very good at keeping his tyres until the end of the race, but he wasn't able to get near you even then: how much were you working on taking a leaf from his book in that respect?

Luiz: At some point I thought Valsecchi had a good pace, but then I was conserving my tyres and I was starting to push, and obviously I had even better pace than him! I was not worried about him coming after me, and I work very well under pressure: it can be anyone behind me, and I'm not going to make a mistake! I did that very well, and I tried to get the fastest lap at the end of the race, but there was a yellow flag so I had to break off.

GP2 Series: You've probably been the most consistent guy this weekend in conditions that have been very changeable: how impressed have you been with your job in that respect, and also with the work the team did there?

Luiz: I think it's a good part of the team: I've done my job, it's fine, but the team is working very hard and they are minimising every single thing that can possibly happen. I have to congratulate the team and everyone who works there, because they are putting in a lot of effort, and I just have to ask them to keep doing that please! [laughs]

GP2 Series: How much does it mean to you that you now have the lead in the championship?

Luiz: For now it's good to be leading, but it's really unknown isn't it? There are still five races to go, I hope before the summer break I can still be fighting for the championship so I can enjoy my break [laughs], and at this stage it's good to be in the front but it doesn't mean we're not going to work even harder to get more points in the future.


GP2 Series: Davide, P2 today and a good podium after a solid recovery for the weekend: are you happy with how it has worked out?

Davide Valsecchi: Yes, I'm really happy because we have to consider our condition: I started last in the first race, so to finish here in second we cannot be not happy. We started to score some points after some weeks where we couldn't do it, so I'm really happy and confident when we look forward because I want to be in the package that fights for the championship at the end, I'm still there, so we will try to keep fighting with the strong drivers and strong teams until the end.

Today Razia was a bit better than me, but we were starting so far behind in race one, and for sure yesterday I didn't expect to finish 7th and today 2nd! This result is like gold, and although today I couldn't fight for victory because Razia and Arden were a bit better than me, the championship is long and we need to stay there, not make any mistakes, stay calm and fight until the end.

GP2 Series: You've shown how good you are at preserving your tyres until the end of the race, but I guess today Razia did a Valsecchi on you?

Davide: Yeah, but I think he was much better that me at the beginning, and that is what gave to him the victory, because he was five seconds ahead of me and in the end I caught him a bit, I tried to get close to him to overtake him, and I don't think it was a tyre problem: I lost time at the beginning to him, and that lost me the chance to fight for the victory because when I got to him he still had something in the pocket, so I didn't have the chance to overtake him.

GP2 Series: And up and down weekend for you: the down side is you're no longer in the lead of the championship, but on the up side you made a great recovery from the back of the grid...

Davide: I don't know what I have to feel about this [laughs], but I feel confident about fighting to the end of the season: in Valencia we were competitive but we had a penalty and we threw away a chance to stay at the top positions, and here it was uphill in qualy without fuel and also with my mistake, so I'm happy that we could come back and score some points, and to be on the podium in Silverstone, which I've never done before. It's a good feeling and a great emotion to be there with so many passionate fans here, and it will make me try to be a better driver and to get better results in the next weekend.


GP2 Series: Felipe, you told me earlier in the year to wait until we get to the tracks you know and judge you then: we're at a track you know and you're on the podium...

Felipe Nasr: Yeah, it's pretty good! It could have been better, but since Valencia we've been competitive, I've been fast, we've been quicker all weekend and it's a shame that we ran out of fuel in qualifying because we could have qualified much better. In the end we started from the back of the grid, we did a fantastic strategy to pit early yesterday with the safety car and finished sixth, so we started in the second row in today's race. I just went for the win, I tried everything and was really fast in the beginning, I tried to overtake them all and had a chance at Razia, it was a good move there but the track was still wet on the outside, but I take the positives: I tried, I was competitive, I was there to win, and I did my best.

GP2 Series: To be honest you can't ask for a lot more: you're a rookie, you started at the back, and by the end of the race today you were fighting for a win against the two guys leading the championship: it could be worse.

Felipe: Yeah, it could be worse! We showed we were as competitive as the front runners, so we take this positive side and look forward to Hockenheim, which is a track I know well, and we just keep working on a few details. I'm sure things will come together, and we need a bit of luck because when you look at Valencia starting 2nd I would never imagine we'd get a total failure in the car. But when things come together, those little details, I'm sure it will come.

GP2 Series: How hard was it to work with the tyres today, because you didn't have a lot of data this weekend?

Felipe: It was kind of blind for me, because I've never driven a GP2 car on this circuit on the slick tyres, so it was kind of tricky: I think the one who got it right is Razia, because he was really strong in the early part of the race, he got the temperatures of the tyres right better than anyone, and he could keep the tyres until the end, which I struggled with: I got oversteer, and then graining  of tyres, and then it was over. But, I pushed hard in the beginning to get thewin: if it was a clear track it would be a different story! But if you look at the whole weekend, it was one of the best possible jobs we could have done.

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