Budapest Top three driver's quotes - sprint race

Budapest Top three driver's quotes - sprint race

Gutiérrez, Berthon and Razia discuss the race

GP2 Series: Esteban, congratulations on another fine win, your third of the season. It looked like an easy win from the outside, but how was it from inside the car?

Esteban Gutiérrez: It's never easy! It was very enjoyable, for sure, but it's never easy: there's a lot behind it, a lot of preparation from the team and a lot of people around, and this has to be considered as part of the win. Basically it was a race where I had to take care of the tyres a lot, and to avoid having a lot of degradation at the end: I had to find the best way to manage everything at the beginning of the race, at the middle, and in the end I just tried to save some fuel because we wanted to make sure that we get along with the weight very easily!

GP2 Series: It looked like the win was set up at the start, where it looked like you had another strong start: this seems to be something that is really working well for you guys now?

Esteban: Yeah, but we need to improve qualifying, for sure: this is a part where we need to push even more, and it's something where we know that if we start in the front we can win the race, and we have to keep this in mind for the next few races.

GP2 Series: It gives you something to think about over the break before Spa: do you have any plans, or just want to relax?

Esteban: Certainly I'm going to have a nice time: I'm going back home to see my family and friends, and it's always important to have a break in the season, especially when you have a month that is very tough, with 3 events. There are 3 more coming in September, so basically I think it's going to be very useful not only for me, but also for the team and everyone around working for this project: we will do everything we can to clear our minds and to come back to Spa with a lot of energy.


GP2 Series: Nathanael, P2 and a great drive for another solid podium: are you satisfied with your job today?

Nathanaël Berthon: Yeah! For the team and for me, it was great: we had a very good pace compared to everybody, although Gutierrez was pretty quick today! Everything started at the first corner: if I could catch him at the start I think it could have been another story, but it's like this. I tried to do my best today, the car was good, and I could manage to stay in second place.

GP2 Series: It seemed like after the start you couldn't quite catch Gutierrez, no one bothered you from behind, so it was just manage the car and tyres, and get it home?

Nathanaël: Yeah, and it brings some points which are important for the championship, even if we now at not at the front, but for a rookie driver it is good to get some points. And to be on the podium, obviously every time it would be nice to be on the top, but we'll see for the next race: I am getting better and better, and more confident with the car, with the GP2 system as well because it is not easy for a rookie, and I'm sure it's going to be better in the future.

GP2 Series: You looked like you managed the tyres quite well: how were they today?

Nathanaël: Usually I manage well my tyres, it's true: maybe it's due to my driving style, I don't know, but you know when you are behind someone it's very hard when you don't have your own rhythm to keep the tyres well, but today I tried to make a distance between Gutierrez and me, and I think it worked well. Maybe I could have been a bit more conservative, but I didn't want him to go and then to catch him: I tried to stay at the same pace as him, but it's never easy when you are behind someone with the aerodynamics with your own pace. I'm pretty sure with the car I had today, if I was first at the first corner, I could have managed to be first at the end.


GP2 Series: Luiz, P3 today, 2 podiums for the weekend and extended your lead in the championship: all in all, a pretty decent return for your work here?

Luiz Razia: Yeah, it was a very good weekend, 25 points, which means a very good weekend for me: when you average 25 points a weekend, this is what matters on the championship points situation. Yesterday it was crucial to get a good start and I did, P3 yesterday was very difficult and today another difficult race actually: the start again was very good, I was able to pull another 2 cars at the start, and then I had a good first 3 laps but van der Garde still had some tyres left on the opening laps.

I waited a little bit because I knew the super softs would go away, and when I did overtake him it was not the right moment because he was not struggling so much, but it was crucial to overtake him at that moment because I could open a gap to Palmer, who was putting pressure on me for all the race. But it was a fantastic race, very fun from the beginning to the end, I had a strategy and could be aggressive when I needed to be, which is great and another podium: it's 9 podiums now, which is really good!

GP2 Series: You've been very good at maintaining your tyres until the end this year, and this time you had the advantage of a different compound: was it always going to be just wait him out until his tyres go, and then leave?

Luiz: Yeah, we slightly change the strategy every time, and today it was more down to van der Garde: he was on super softs, and I don't know if Davide had a better pace than me at the end of the race, but I was struggling a little bit at the end. But it was a great weekend, 2 podiums just before the summer break, which is great!

GP2 Series: Summer break, go and recharge the batteries before coming back to Spa fresh?

Luiz: Yeah, actually we are doing 2 weeks training from tomorrow in Miami, which is going to be like a training camp, so we are going to be on top form for Spa again: no rest now, and just keep pushing until the championship is finished.

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