Valencia Sprint Race driver quotes

Valencia Sprint Race driver quotes

Razia and Calado discuss the race

GP2 Series: Luiz, and amazing drive today to steal the win on the last lap: would this be your best win ever?

Luiz Razia: I think the win in Malaysia was pretty special because we were on the front row and to win the first race is pretty special, but this one is the most exciting race I ever had in my life! I'm really proud of the team, who pushed really, really hard during the four weeks off, and I'm proud that we could have two podiums this weekend: this is really marvellous! Today was down to get a good start, which I didn't because people were crashing around me so I was avoiding accidents and trying to keep cool, and after the safety car I tried to clear as many cars as I could because they had slow pace, so Onidi and Berthon I did straight away. After that, saving my tyres to the end paid off: it was a lucky situation as well, but also it was my work together.

GP2 Series: It was a good strategy, but also a bit of a gamble because no one knew exactly how the tyres would handle it, but I guess they were perfect for you today?

Luiz: People probably don't have the right information, because yesterday I think we proved that the tyres degradated quite a lot, and we knew that: we prepared quite a lot for this race, and I think the front runners were quite lucky because of the safety car, because without that they would have been much more in trouble. I'm just happy that we had the right strategy, and the right overtaking as well: I didn't lose much time overtaking people, I did the right moves, and that was awesome! [laughs]

GP2 Series: P3 on the last lap: did you think there was a chance of getting the win?

Luiz: No, I was very happy with P3 at that moment, but then I saw Leimer having a go on Calado and they were fighting each other, and I thought 'I've got a chance now.' Leimer had to give back the position to Calado, so I just took advantage of the situation, braked really late, and ran on the outside of Calado, which was a nice move [laughs], and then just took the win, which was awesome.

GP2 Series: And now just one point off the lead in the championship, so a pretty good weekend for you and the team...

Luiz: Yeah, I think just working hard, and the hard work paid off: sometimes the luck keeps changing around, I can have trouble or Davide can have trouble, but I'm thinking of the next race, thinking of the team and my car for my every day work, and this is where my focus is. I don't think about the championship at the moment: I just try to win as many races as I can, until now we've got three, and this is good!


GP2 Series: James, a strong race by you all day, right to the last lap: what happened?

James Calado: I just ran out of tyres! Yesterday, I don't know if you know, we started on new tyres which were normally race two's tyres, so they were used when I started. Not as good a start, because there was not as much traction, but I tried to save them as much as possible: we just ran out, because there were too many laps, and even though I was saving them there wasn't enough tyre on the car left at the finish of the race. Towards the end I was losing traction, and couldn't enter or brake or anything. It was very, very tough, and very entertaining I'm sure [laughs], but still it was good to get some more points.

GP2 Series: You seemed to have a decent start, and then two perfect restarts: was the safety car beneficial for your tyres today?

James: It was, but it's the same for everyone: the level of degradation is the same, so it actually makes no difference whether they're old or new, it's going to be the same all race. I just ran out of laps because I did the three in qualifying.

GP2 Series: You had a bit of a moment with Haryanto: what happened there?

James: We came into the corner side by side, braked late and gave him enough room, a car's width: he locked the brakes, braked late, and crashed into me.

GP2 Series: You then had a big fight in the closing laps with Leimer, and then of course Razia came out of nowhere...

James: Yeah, I was just watching it now! It was fun, very, very difficult, but when there's no grip on the car you've got no chance. I think I didn't do anything wrong, it was aggressive racing, but I think it was acceptable.

GP2 Series: After yesterday I guess you can only be happy with P2, and ahead of Silverstone what are you looking for at home?

James: Yeah, the British round and it will be very exciting, great to see all the fans, and there is going to be a lot of support for me, so it's going to be one of the better ones, that's for sure!


Fabio Leimer was unavailable for interviews

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