Monaco Sprint Race Top Three Drivers Quotes

Monaco Sprint Race Top Three Drivers Quotes

Palmer, Chilton and van der Garde discuss the race

GP2 Series: Jolyon Palmer, Monaco winner: how does that sound to you?

Jolyon Palmer: Incredible! I think we've been pretty quick all weekend, and pretty confident around here, and it's an incredible track to take my first win on! My first main series podium as well, and I'm really thankful for the team: the car has been really quick, finally it's been reliable, and it's really, really paid!

GP2 Series: You hesitate to say any race is easy, although it looked a little that way from the outside: how was it from the inside?

Jolyon: Yeah, it could have been harder, but at the same time no race is easy: Max was behind me once Calado had to pit, and I was just managing the gap and I didn't want to take any risks, so I was just chipping away to the end of the race really, making sure he couldn't get too close. I wasn't really fussed on the winning margin: I was just making sure I got the win!

GP2 Series: He did close up a lot in the end: we you just managing the gap and the tyres, making sure it was under control?

Jolyon: I pushed quite hard early on to build the gap, and my tyres were suffering a little bit towards the end, but if he had of got there in the end it's so hard to pass here, as I found out yesterday: I was confident and making no mistakes, and it was easy with him not being there really, so I just had to keep a gap.

GP2 Series: Second yesterday and first today for the team: what has this weekend meant for you and the team after all the bad luck earlier in the season?

Jolyon: It's unbelievable: as a team the weekend has been unbelievable! We've been really quick, and our four weekends I think have been the worst luck ever in motor racing history on my side [laughs], and I've only started 3 races before this weekend from the grid. So to have this weekend, and with Marcus on form as well, it puts us back in the mix for the rest of the season, so hopefully we'll be there.


GP2 Series: Max, P2 in Monaco: happy with your day's work?

Max Chilton: Yeah, I'm over the moon! The hardest part of Monaco is qualifying, and that the bit I nailed. You shouldn't be able to overtake around Monaco, so yesterday I was unlucky to finish fifth, and today I put a tweet out saying I want to get some champagne for the boys: I pushed as hard as I could, and we weren't far off number one in the end.

GP2 Series: It was slightly unlucky that you were held up early in the race: do you think you had anything to take to Jolyon if you'd been able to get after him earlier?

Max: Yeah, for sure: I lost a good ten seconds behind James, and I was waiting for them to pull him in but they kept him out, and after that the gap was so big: I tried my best to get it back, and I did it, but I was only just caught up to him by the time the chequered flag came out.

GP2 Series: Nevertheless it's hard to overtake here, so you never know, but P2 and one second off a win in Monaco: you and the team must be happy with the progress?

Max: Yeah, fourth to second in Monaco: I'll take that! [laughs]


GP2 Series: Giedo, two podiums in Monaco, you must be pretty pleased with how the weekend shook out?

Giedo van der Garde: Yes! We started off pretty well, we were fast in qualifying and free practice, but in race one only at the end, and race two again at the end. It was a good start and I was just patient, patient, patient and in the end I was flying, some really fast laps in the end. I'm really happy: it's not normal, two podiums in Monaco, but we managed it! I'm very happy also for the team, and for myself.

GP2 Series: Obviously it's a great result for you and the team, and good for your championship hopes as well...

Giedo: For sure, and now we have to work hard again and keep the momentum going, and let's go to Valencia: I like the track there, so let's see.

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